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Brazil registers over 241 thousand cases of COVID-19

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Brazil registered 485 new deaths from the novel coronavirus (COVID-19) from Sunday to Monday, adding up to 16,118. The lethality rate (number of deaths divided by the number of confirmed cases) of the disease in the country stands at 6.7 percent, the same as Saturday (16).

The country had 7,938 new confirmed cases and pulled up the total to 241,080. By Saturday, the amount of infected people had been 233,142. The number of people who have recovered, according to the daily report by the Ministry of Health, reached 94,122, 39 percent of the infected. Another 130.840 cases (54.3%) are being monitored. There are 2,450 deaths under investigation.

São Paulo is still the epicenter of the disease, concentrating the highest number of deaths (4,782). The state is followed by Rio de Janeiro (2,715), Ceará (1,641), Pernambuco (1,516), and Amazonas (1,413).

Deaths were also reported in the states of Pará (1,239), Maranhão (549), Bahia (295), Espírito Santo (285), Alagoas (210), Paraíba (194), Minas Gerais (156), Rio Grande do Norte (139), Rio Grande do Sul (142), Paraná (124), Amapá (119), Santa Catarina (83), Sergipe (77), Rondônia (74), Piauí (72), Goiás (70), Acre (60), the Federal District (59), Roraima (51), Mato Grosso (27), Tocantins (31), and Mato Grosso do Sul (15).

São Paulo has most confirmed cases (62,345), followed by Ceará (24.255), Rio de Janeiro (22,238), Amazonas (20,328), Pernambuco (19,452), Pará (13,864), Maranhão (12,492), Bahia (8,443), Espírito Santo (6,744), and Santa Catarina (4,776).